Think you got what it takes to mix it up with the best under 18-year-old skiers in the world. Quiksilver is going on a digital mission to find the best Young Guns on two skis. From there, we are taking four of them on a trip of a lifetime, heli-skiing in Whistler with the winner taking home a tidy $10k. So clip in, go big and get your best clips ready. The hunt is on!


Jan 18 - Feb 1

That chunk of metal in your hands? That’s your ticket to Whistler. Post your best clips on Instagram, tagging @quiksilver and hashtagging #YGSKI. There are no guidelines. No rules. No preference between park or backcountry. It’s just you, your skis, some frozen water and a world of opportunity.

Feeling creative? Good, because Quiksilver is giving $1000 to the most creative entry, regardless of skill level. So have some fun and show us what you got.

Enter as many times as you’d like and our official #YGSSKI judge, will hand-pick his faves. top 8 will move on to the voting stage of the competition.

And a quick heads up: If you’re not under the age of 18 on March 10th 2018, then sorry old man, you’re out. On the flip side, you need to be 13 on January 18th 2018 to qualify.



Grab a pen. Grab a calendar. Then throw both of them out and go skiing — but you still need to commit this date to memory: Feb 8. That’s when our official #YGSKI judge will make the call and the #YGSKI Top 8 will be announced.

And if you’re planning on making the final, you should be stacking clips this whole time. Trust us, they’re about to come in handy.



Survived pick? Nice work. Now it’s time to impress the public. The top 8 contestants clips will all be posted on Quiksilver’s Instagram on February 6th and will remain on the feed for 24 hours. It’s here you’ll need to get your family, friends, fans and maybe even foes to vote for you by heading to @Quiksilver and leaving a specially created hashtag we will provide on your post. After 24 hours, the three Young Guns with the most votes will move on to the final along with one extra that our judge will hand-pick. After that, it’s off to Whistler.


FEBRUARY 22 - 26

Whistler Blackcomb — the jewel of British Columbia, they say. If you made the Top 4, then we’ll help you get to BC to meet up with the rest of the finalists. You’ll spend one day riding the park. Then you’ll spend one day heli-skiing in the backcountry. Then, if you’re lucky, our rider will be handing you a check for $10K.

Didn’t make the final? Didn’t even enter? Don’t worry, we still got you covered. We’ll bring you live updates from Whistler. It’ll feel like you’re there with us — just maybe warmer.

Parkin Costain was our winner last year