This is the only pic I managed to take today! Nice sunset over the town though.Today was qualifyers, like yesterday the whole thing got delayed, but after a couple of hours it was practice time! Speed was an issue during practice. i made it over the knuckle, actually I landed sweetspot every time, but since the jump is so small we need to go a little bigger than that to have enough time to do your trick. At least I have to.Of course they salted the inrun in between the practice and the qualification. Of course that was really good for me since I needed more speed, but it was kinda scary to do the first ten when I wasen't sure what the speed was like! I was the sixth person to drop, so I kinda got a feel of the speed by watching the people before me. I hear the starter calling my name, here we go, 5 seconds later im at the bottom riding out of a dub 10! After all the contests over the years u devolope a pretty good feel of what u have to do make it in to finals or win for that matter. After I landed the 10 and watching all the other guys in practice i was pretty much a 100% sure I was in the finals! I was right. Qualified third after Russ and Elias. Tomorrow is semi-finals and finals. Three jumps, two best counts and the two jumps have to be different of course. This meaning that I have to land switch, this is something im not looking forward to. Im way more worried about the transition at the bottom than the trick itself! So tomorrow I can maybe place pretty good or get last place. Time will show!Good night