This off-season we’re featuring some Q&A with Day Franzen, the man over there at Carinthia. Got a followup question? Post it in the comments and we’ll pick some for him to answer. Here’s the jump off:

Give us a recap of the 2011/12 season at Carinthia…

Challenging is the word to recap the past season. Lack of snow to work with as well as rain made this season extremely tough to achieve grade A park. My team of groomers and park staff did an amazing job holding it together all season.

What was your favorite feature to build?

The Redbull set-up this season was most likely my favorite it was a collaboration between the whole park crew and it came out amazing. I enjoy the challenge of building the skate style plaza set-ups. It takes creativity and planning to cram so many features in such a small space and have it all ridable.

To Ride?

Hips and anything in the prospector and Junkyard parks

How many park rangers do you have working at C?

12-14 hard working guys and gals

What happens during the off-season?

The off season is when we do all our maintenance of our fleet of over 100 rails and boxes. It is also when we do our planning for next season as well as building any new features for the upcoming season.

What can we expect for 2012/13?

We have quite a few things in the works for the upcoming season. New features and some park terrain revamps to be non specific. We don?t like to give up secrets till closer to the season.

Is Carinthia planning on building a Street Park?

No Streets for us we are in the green mountain state its all farmland and trees. We always have new ideas in the works though.

Most people dug the big rolling oil tank feature, can we expect anything special to make an appearance next season? What’s up with the big C?

The rolling tank was an experiment for us that actually worked. We have quite a few more interactive features planned for next season. I like features that make noise or move… reminds me of skateboarding.

The Big C was suppose to be a season ender for everyone but the season ended before we could finish it. We did manage to get it out for a few sessions after we closed and get some great photos. It is 12? tall and is that marquee feature no one else could ever bite from us.

Did any film companies shoot at Carinthia this season?

We had some great shoots planned but the challenging season and the speedy melting of all the snow made us have to cancel a few but we did manage to shoot with Meathead films for a few days before it was all gone.

Some of Carinthia’s pro riders are blowing up… Who can we expect on the team this year?

The Carinthia team is strong and will continue to be next season with most of the same great athletes as well as maybe a few new additions we’re working on.