So I was randomly browsing Wikipedia one day. I was in one of those sort of moods where you just search random things and then keep clicking links...before you know it, you are eventually on a completely different and non-related topic. Its really fucking weird where you can end up. I started with "Walt Disney" and I ended up on "list of extinct animals of Europe."

If any of you can figure out how I got from "point a" to "point b," I will seriously PayPal you $50. my point. When you think of extinct animals, at least in the modern sense, you usually think it's a result of hunting or habitat destruction. Apparently thats not the case with one particular animal I found. Look at this fine specimen:

This is the Pyrenean Ibex (rolls of the tongue doesn't it?). This animal roamed the mountains areas of northern Spain and southern France. The last of its kind was killed in January of 2000. How did it die you wonder? Predator? No. Shot? Nope. Hit by a car? Not even. According to Wikipedia, it was killed by a cold, cruel, heartless, and menacing..........falling tree. Jesus, and I thought cows were stupid.

Apparently its not conclusively known why these things no longer exist. I'll could give them a clue...Pyrenean ibex's were genuinely stupid animals. Come on! A mountain goat getting killed by a falling tree? Thats like me being accidently killed taking a piss.

Apparently the Spanish government has a project underway to clone these animals. Okay, I'm no expert, but do we really need more of these things running around? These things seem to be unfit to live in the environment. Its like the Jockoffasuar thing from South Park. They are extinct for a reason...DON'T BRING THEM BACK IDIOTS!!!