Puget Sound Athlete Management Launches Into Action Sports

SEATTLE – (July 15, 2010) Life just got a lot better for professional athletes and the companies they partner with. Puget Sound Financial Management (PSFM) announced, today, its launch into the action sports world with Puget Sound Athlete Management (PSAM).

“I’m excited for the opportunity to help professional athletes navigate the host of challenges they face working in the constantly changing action sports industry,” said PSAM founder and pro skier Zach Davison.

“With more attention and resources being directed toward youth marketing and action sports every day, the pressure to perform often becomes overwhelming. Young people are getting thrown into the mix with team managers, marketing directors, and senior company executives. Without the proper guidance, these kids are often swallowed whole,” added Davison.

Athletes are forced to spend more time than ever before focusing on contracts and logistics in a very unfamiliar world – when what the majority of them want to be focusing on is their passion. That’s where PSAM comes in.

PSAM provides more than just endorsement contract negotiation and logistics. Davison brings personal experience as a professional skier coupled with practical experience doing business turnarounds as a professional accountant. His ability to tie these skills together provides athletes with a unique opportunity to develop successful financial and career strategies - designed specifically around each client’s unique situation and goal sets.

PSAM provides a service that will level the playing field, from sponsorship procurement and contract negotiations, all the way to budget analysis and tax planning.

“I was once in these kids’ shoes. I remember being an aspiring pro skier in high school,” said Davison.

“Like most of my friends, I thought I just had to go out and ski as hard as I could and the rest would take care of itself. Unfortunately, that only goes so far. With PSAM, I can provide a very unique set of services for my clients - securing fair sponsorship compensation, legal services, travel assistance, financial planning, implementing marketing strategies and more. We develop a relationship that best

fits the demands they are facing at any given point in their career. It’s all about creating value, both for the client and for the companies supporting them.” added Davison.

“PSAM is helping premier athletes turn their goals and aspirations into a functional reality,” said Davison.

For more information on PSAM or PSFM, please visit http://www.PUGETSOUNDMGMT.com.

Puget Sound Athlete Management (PSAM) represents the interests of action sports’ most deserving clients. PSAM is a subsidiary of Puget Sound Financial Management LLC (PSFM), a full-service financial planning agency specializing in the action sports industry. Companies, independent and freelance professionals and athletes are finding the time to confidently focus their energy into their passions – be it photography, skiing, snowboarding, writing or otherwise while PSFM and PSAM take care of the leg work. PSFM Founder Zach Davison, a professional skier himself, is currently working toward obtaining his certified public accounting license. He brings a very unique service to action sports through athlete representation, financial planning, legal council, tax accounting and more.