So this was a little while ago but none the less it's a good story to tell.

So a few weeks ago me and another friend needed to head up to Salt Lake City to see a snowboard movie premiere. I live in Salt Lake but was down in Layton which is about 30 minutes North. Well my car was in the shop and he didn't have a car. So we decided to take the almighty bus. Now the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) is pretty good and for the most part a clean bus company. We thought it wasn't going to be too bad. So after looking at the times we found a bus. Due to our lack of experience of using public transportation we took the bus that took 2 hours to get 30 miles. Well we got on the bus around 5 due to some mishaps that happened earlier. So we boarded the bus paid our 1.50 and sat in some stained blue seats. We drove for about a half hour when this gangster looking black kid came on. He was wearing his tall tee his New Era some Jordans and rocking a grill. That's probably the most gangster your gonna see in Utah. Well we thought nothing of this. Then he walked back to our seats and asked us if we had a phone. We let him use one of our phones. He started talking to us he seemed pretty cool. Then he asked if we had an cigarettes. We don't smoke so we didn't have any. Well he asked this kid a few seats behind us. He said he had some but wasn't going to give him any. Appartently the black kid didn't understand NO. He told the kid he'd give him 5 bucks for one. The answer was still no. Now the black kid took this offensive. He stood up and started talking his shit. The other kid was white skinny and looked trashy. Well he stood up too. They exchanged their words. Then the black kid took out his grill and put it in his case and handed it to me and said hold this for a sec. The black kid threw the first punch then they stared brawling a little. I got a few elbows to the back of the head but didn't want to start anything. Meanwhile there is about 5 other people on the bus just watching these two people throw punches on a moving public bus. Well after a minute or two of fighting they broke it up. The black kid wanted to keep going and said lets take this on the streets and get off and the next stop. The white kid agreed. Well then came the next stop the black kid got off thinking the white kid was actually going to come. Well he didn't the bus drove off leaving the kid without his grill and a ride. My friend and I sat there in disbelief kind of in shock of what just happened. Well after that it was a silent bus ride. After another 60 minutes of driving we finally got to the movie.

A long post but I thought that I'd share my bus ride.