The East Coast is one of the coasts. For some reason, a lot of skiers live there. The Radical Radish has put together a list of pros for those on the other coast who are either concussed, or just confused, and are thinking about planning a ski trip east. The cons, meanwhile, are for those who need reminders of why they are so desperately trying to leave, or are equally confused and think they want to stay.

Pro: You get to ski in the rain. Not many skiers get the opportunity to ski in the rain, be proud you are some of the few.

Pro: Shortly after it rains, it gets really cold. That's exactly what you were hoping for the whole time it rained, cold temperatures. Oh you mean you didn’t want it to rain, then get cold, making ice? Too bad.

Con: You’ll never be Tom Wallisch. Tom grew up in Pittsburgh and is now one of the best all-around skiers in the world. You won’t be.

Pro: You don’t have to worry about all of that west coast powder slowing you down. Ice is fast, powder is slow, especially when your hill is about as steep as your driveway.

Con: You may get to watch Tom Brady play football, but you don’t get to watch him ski. He skis in the west, at the Yellowstone Club.

Pro: When you finally save up to take a trip to the west, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

Con: You will realize that you are indeed alive, and that you have to return to the east when your trip is over.

Pro: You’re probably close to a big city, so there are plenty of New Yorkers or Bostonians to see how rad you get.

Con: Vail hasn’t taken over your hill, so you don’t have anything to rebel against.

Pros: 2 hour lift lines make your hour and a half commute seem like a walk in the park.

Pro: You get to rock “Ski the East” gear.

Con: You have to ski the east.