As many of you know, skiers like to party. Chug and 4bi9 have well documented their party antics in various webisodes among many other crews. 6 Greek chapters from the University of Michigan may have went just a little overboard turning up over their Christmas break.

Get turnt up to get learnt up right?

Those involved, Sigma Alpha Mu, Sigma Delta Tau, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi, Chi Psi and Delta Gamma — have now been suspended by their national chapters, according to the university. The resorts that were desecrated were Boyne Mountain and Treetops Resort in Michgan. Frat Sigma Alpha Mu and the sorority Sigma Delta Tau were involved at the former & fraternities Pi Kappa Alpha and Chi Psi and sororities Delta Gamma and Alpha Phi at the latter. The resort manager of Treetops is reporting an estimation of roughly $85,000 to $100,000 in damages and Boyne is approximating about $20,000. Apology statements have been issued by 3 student leaders at the University but lets be honest, those don't mean shit.

Tis but a scratch...

Investigations continue in hopes of finding the perpetrators and both resorts are waiting on the results before pressing charges. Hey, on the bright side they didn't follow The Kids example from the Sun Valley Orage Masters and light shit on fire!