Almost all the trailers are out now, very belatedly, but the reactions and questions about the films are still the same. There are too few exceptions but ski movies have one mould, which is bent now and again in different ways to make it seem fresh. The problem I have, is that we have a sport which goes in so many different directions, that only having one view point of it all is ridiculous.

A lot of problems lie in the hands of the sponsors who dictate who goes in the bigger films. Progress from one film to the next, relies on the individual skiers progress not the sports. The best example I can think of is Julian Regnier part in Ski Porn. Originally lined up to be in the film but injured himself half way through the season. PBP had to keep him in but didn't have enough footage of him so tried their best to be inventive. It didn't work. They should have shared the segment with someone else. (IMHO)

I like Candides business/video production model. He films his own stuff with his own crew and then sells it to the production companies but keeps some unique stuff for his own movies. I personally think every skier should do this. This way they can portray themselves as who they are with what they do. No huge photo sessions set up by Intrawest, just the jibs, jumps, powder and banter that skiers do everyday. Personality needs to come through.

For the film maker, this gives more freedom to select exactly which skiers and shots they want. Complete freedom to make the movie that should be made. This in turn, will open up doors to less well known skiers.

For example, the Jonny D wants to make a fun off-the-cuff sort of movie. He knows Shane McConkey, Simon Dumont have the skills and those off cuts that will fit in well but he needs a bit more to keep the flow till the end of the movie. He can start looking at footage from European riders and find an unknown Joe who's jibbing something completely stupid that looks amazing. Then he can add that to his film. Noone knows him but that’s ok because he fits and is showing us something new.

Obviously, there would have to be worldwide technical restrictions for the footage and film makers will always have the sponsors trying to dictate boundaries, but this will still open up the whole ski movie industry. This is the kind of revolutionary thing, which will make next years films more progressive.