The other day I sat down to watch some old MSP films and other even earlier films, it was whislt watching them I truly comprehended how much progression there has been in such a short space of time. Being 15 and new to freeskiing (past 3 years) I had missed out on the early days of freeskiing, of course I had heard the word progression tossed around alot but I never really understood what it meant. Later that week I watched like a lion and some field production films I found on zune, and I started to realise that there surely must be a limit to how far skiing can go. To be honest freestyle skiing, especially elements such as big air are really just applied physics; build a jump with a steep enough take off, hit it with enough speed and at the right angle and you will backflip. So taking all this into consideration and the fact we are all under the command of gravity what else can we do, we can't keep on going higher and spinning,corking more because there is a limit dictated by physics. It poses the question have we reached our limit? Answer, probably yes, of course some gymnast kid will come along and through down some more rotations (although not significantly more because that can;t be possible), surely?) but then the boudary between freestyle and aerials becomes blurred, freestyle big air would almost become an evolved form of aerials. Is it time we went back to the essence of freestyle which is having fun, yes competitions are fun but over the year's they have created a spin to win mentality, maybe compertitions aren't the way forward?