This is our dog, Lucky. She's a grandma at twelve years old and she likes to stare. I think she still looks like a puppy.
We went to a retro ski party the other night. This is our household. Nikki on the far left, Derek, Natalie, Will, and myself.In case you were wondering about my knee, here's a little update:It's December 7th. I'm just over five months out from my ACL surgery. My legs are getting much stronger, but I still don't have full range of motion. My range has been a constant battle. After the first surgery, I needed it to be at 120 degrees of flexion in order to operate on my ACL. I got to 125 in P.T. and headed in for surgery. When I was knocked out they could only bend it to 90 without using force. They decided to manipulate (bend) my knee to 130 under anesthetic. After my ACL surgery it was easy to get to 125, but has been a struggle ever since. I build dense tissue apparently, a good thing, but also a bad thing for gaining range.Last month I was pushing 144, but in a ton of pain and not making significant progress so we decided to take a couple weeks off from stretching to help with inflamation. While stretching, we (my Physical Therapist and I) are ripping tissue. It's painful, but I'll spare you the details. Once we got back at the stretching, we broke into it with ease. My physical therapist was thinking that I might need a manipulation and a scope to clean things out a bit. This depends on how hard it is to get my range back in the next few visits. So far I'm at 135 and things are looking good. It's still painful, but manageable compared to before my break.I won't be able to ski until I have full range, so that's my biggest goal. The doctor hasn't said a specific date that I will be back on snow, but he's hopeful for January, possibly February.Meanwhile, I'm still going to the gym every day and have school to work on. For my sake, I have to keep myself busy and active otherwise I might go insane watching it snow. I hope you guys are enjoying the snow!!!