Do News on August 19 the news (by Wang Le) disclosed according to the professional that recently in the evil spirit beastly world the gold coin price had the great scope rise, compared just opened the clothing tested when the price approaching doubling.

According to the professional said that although the WoW Power Leveling was still at the free test phase at present, but in the evil spirit beastly world the gold coin transaction already restores, other, net Yi, the evil spirit beastly world as well as the interspaces’ struggle.

World of Warcraft Power Leveling in July to seal measured, and in after version's bureau examination, the evil spirit beast plays the family to have the possibility to restore before the standard is at the same time the peak value the online population achieves 1,000,000 people experiences 3D form WoW Power Leveling Pacific Ocean computer net it to let the user be able to open makes Stereoscopic which one experiences personally the 3D experience. In the fixed time limit, the user only need (fine regard) from North America many online retail merchant place purchase specific Perforce then obtains free 3D the three-dimensional imaginary mirror Discover eyeglasses as well as . the classic version.