When else does a current event update involve inventory deliveries, Chuckie Cheese and a RED cam, except on a busy week down here at Saga Suppliers West. This past week has been the start to the most rewarding part of the year, when all of the hard work pays off and the shipments start showing up at the warehouse. Won’t be too much longer now until all of those pre-order’s hit the ground and air, eventually into the hands of their respected owners. Stay tuned, as we will continually update you in the coming days/weeks on when you can expect shipping to start.

Now that all of that business stuff is out of the way, how about the time we took JERM to Chuckie Cheeses for a pizza party birthday (what, they have the best pizza). As if we would lie about something like that, a bunch of 20 something years olds being overly competitive on the arcade games in the middle of the week, who knows what the staff thought.
No expense was spared, a cake, tokens for days and enough pizza to last the rest of the week.
Of course with JERM hating everything and everyone, I think this rat/mouse Chuckie has a special place in his heart. You ain’t nothing without the tickets.
I’ll take a few money rings, airheads, spy pens, fundips and twisty straws, all that for a $50 investment in tokens (you tell me who won). And then I went and washed my hands (kids are dirty)…
In real news, I stopped by Camp 4 Collective to see our good friend Hennie, who happened to be hard at work setting up the RED cam for a shoot. What a nice looking piece of technology, the camera not Hennie.
No top level media company is complete without some good ol fashioned problem solving. In fact if you ain’t got problems, then you ain’t top level.
The finished rig (insert drool here).
Camp 4 Collective is the premier media company in Salt Lake, much of the world for that matter. They have a laundry list of high profile clients and a studio space with all the toys to show for it. If you would like some eye candy, watch their newest piece on a climbing trip to Chad with The North Face, incredible doesn’t even do it justice.
Well back to life as usual.