For as long as there have been professional athletes there have been pro hoes. Ideally, in the case skiing, everyone would love to be a professional athlete. Doing what you love and making bank off it is the best job to have but as most of us know, not everyone can make it to that level.

In the female world of skiing, there are those who learn to hit jumps switch, grab mute and consistently front two out of rails thus achieving the dream of being a professional skier. For every girl you see battling out for a cash purse worth a fraction of what the guys get, there are countless other girls who are on the sidelines watching because even though they're not the best, they still love skiing. But for some of those sideline girls, they take the love for skiing to another level by becoming a pro ho.

For those who don’t know what a pro hoe is, it’s an attractive skier of the opposite sex who is up to date on the scene, and really loves fucking. The only thing that distinguishes a pro hoe from a regular whore is that these hoes have standards- a concept that I understand but don’t practice. To understand the pro hoe's standards, there is a simple formula that goes like this; the number of sponsors you have increases the chances of getting your dick wet. With a set of standards like that, there’s going to be negative social stigma that most likely many of you already have.

To all those haters, you should love the idea of pro hoes by realizing that they’re the glue that holds our society together… O.K. maybe not but they’re fucking nice to have around. In the recent months I was taught by a friend experienced in the matter that they’re rewarding you for doing a good job. For example you win a contest, you not only get the glory and green but you also get to make an attractive female’s teeth look like they’re melting m&m's.

Whatever gets you off, they’re down because you’re a fucking winner. What could be better? So the next time you see a pro hoe grinding up against a walking billboard for energy drinks, don't be a jealous prick that failed at being the best and despise the pro hoe but thank her. Thank her for her services and sacrifices to make our sport that much more baller.