A free poker tournament only for CoreUPT.com members and with our team riders, does it interest you ?

So, save the date, it's gonna be on April 20th on Everest poker !

How to register on Everest ?

Download the free application by clicking the links below :


How to participate to the tournament ?

The D day,once you are on Everest Poker, go on « tournoi » and then click on « CoreUPT.com ». After that, just click on « s'inscrire » on the right. The password is "coreupt9".

MOre Coreupt.com tournaments to come ?

Hell yeah !!! more tournaments are coming soon with special CoreUPT gifts and the participation of our team riders like Guerlain Chicherit , Candide Thovex , Tj Schiller , Colby West, Adrien Coirier , Richard Permin,Xavier Kuhn and Gus Kenworthy & Julien Lange.

So be there on April 20th for a stoked poker party !!!