The history of freestyle skiing is being held hostage in garages and basements around the world. In the late 90s and early 2000s, ski publications served as the voice of the community and documented the birth of a new sport. We will not let these sacred texts collect dust and hide their ancient wisdom any longer. This is the start of a project to digitize and preserve these pieces of ski history so they can be revisited by those who lived through this era and studied by those who did not.

How this project will work:

- Shoot us a DM on here or Instagram @TwoPlankerPod to donate your old magazines

- Each magazine will be scanned and shared to the drive linked below

- Only defunct titles that cannot be back ordered will be uploaded

- If you would like to donate current titles for safe keeping and potential future sharing we can accommodate that as well

The first entry of this project is the only ski magazine I purchased growing up: The Newschoolers Yearbook.

In 2013, the wonderful folks at Newschoolers took a look at the struggling print industry and decided — 'we need to get in on this!' Thus, The Newschoolers Yearbook was born: a 100+ page, crowded sourced magazine that immortalized the stories of the year. Unsurprisingly, this was the only issue that was ever printed. However, it gave the young guns a much needed taste of the print era of skiing.

Link to the drive where you can view these pieces of archived history: