The Diamond Annies came together during the 2014-2015 season when they compiled their park footage together and released "The Last Park Movie" at iF3 the next fall. Since their inaugural season, they've stuck to their promises and have put together their second short film, "The Streets Are Free." The film consists of four riders- Danylle Hammett, Brooke Potter, Meehyun Kling, and Taylor Lundquist.

The film takes us through each of their seasons, but more importantly it is all girls, and all streets- just as they promised us. I caught up with the ladies last week to talk about their season.

NS: Where does the movie title "The Streets Are Free" originate from?

Danylle Hammett: In an interview with Brooke when asked why she wants to promote urban skiing she mentioned that skiing has membership lifestyle and we want to take it away from that, making it affordable for anyone. The name the streets are free signifies that!

Where did you guys go to shoot this season?

Brooke Potter: We mostly filmed around Colorado, and took advantage of the storms that hit Denver last spring. We also made it up to Danylle's hometown in Montana and hit spots in Whitefish, Kalispell and Glacier National Park.

Do any of you have a feature that sticks out as the scariest of the season?

Brooke: I hit a down flat close out this past winter that scared the shit out of me. It was actually the first close out I had ever hit and I happened to be in the streets. I wasn't sure what was going to happen!

Danylle: I hit a down rail off a highway that had a good 20ft drop off one side, I got it first try thankfully and never fell off the death edge

How do you mitigate fear when you're in the streets?

Brooke: One thing that really helps me is completely clearing my mind before dropping in. I don't even think about the rail or the size or anything, it's the most effective way for me to conquer fear.

Danylle: We're super supportive of each other. A lot of time we're going to spot only one person might get a shot at, but everyone else is still down to help make it happen for them. Our go to stoke line is "it's just like a rail in Keystones park", haha. As Brooke addressed, staying and being present in the moment is my go-to.

Meehyun Kling: Fuck it. Send 'er.

Who did the editing in the film?

Brooke: Danylle and I edited our own parts and then Katrina edited the intro, closing, Taylor and Meehyuns parts!

Lastly, what can we expect from you guys in the future?

Brooke: Expect more street content for sure! We already have trips planned for the upcoming season, involving more girls too. We are also more focused on the filming and editing aspect of street skiing moving into this season.