Brooke Potter's Ultraviolence- a solo urban project- premiered last weekend at the International Freeski Film Festival in Montreal, QC. I'm honored to bring to you the final project here first. I was lucky enough to get to know Brooke this past weekend in Montréal and after seeing the film, can attest to how much of a badass she really is on (and off) the streets.

After recovering from our trip to Montréal, I hopped back on the phone with her to get the low down on the film.

When did you first get into Urban?

Two seasons ago when I was coming off of my second blown knee I had no desire to get back into the competition scene. I have always loved rails and filming so it seemed like a no brainer to give the street scene a shot. My first day in the streets was with Gavin Rudy two years ago and it was one of the best/progressive days ever.

What made you decide to create your own film?

I went into last season with one specific goal: to be the first girl to put out a season edit filmed completely in the streets. I learned pretty quickly how challenging it would be to get enough shots for just a 2 minute film but it somehow came together.

Where does the name 'Ultraviolence' come from?

The name just seemed to fit with the editing and vibe of the whole project. I wanted people to know just from the title that it wasn't going to be a "feel good" edit to watch.

Is there a certain shot in the film you're most stoked on?

The closing shot in Ultraviolence is a drop rail in Arvada. I kept falling and struggling with the bungee and wanted to give up and settle for a shitty shot. Luckily, we had the best crew there that day and they kept pushing me to get the whole rail. It was the best feelings ever.

What does the future hold? Another Urban movie?

In the future I will be filming urban with Diamond Annies. This was my one solo project to introduce the ski community to the possibilities of women focusing on urban. Now we have a crew of ladies who are some of the top rail slayers in the game. We are all stoked to see where this season takes us.

Any shoutouts?

Chris Krance and Drew Van Gorder at Slope Style, Jay Badgley at Phunkshun Wear, Paul Dowell at Tall T Productions, Savannah Pitts, Jason Mousseau, Doug Bishop, Evan Heath. Also all of the people who I mentioned in the credits... huge thank you to the homies who pulled a bungee for me dozens of times and helped film all the shots (you know who you are).