Every year, around this time, something starts to stir.

Summer past times are nothing more than passing time.  The DVD player runs hot, with Poorboys and

Matchstick on heavy rotation with the occasional Tetton film to keep me

rounded.  This is the time when dreams

are formed and found. Memories of not so perfect seasons made perfect. In your mind’s

eye the future is bright, white and 50cm deep daily. Drawers, couch cushions

and car seats are searched for extra change. Early bird passes are available,

Twenty Ten catalogs are surfacing. We troll the classified ads for cheap sleds,

hoping that the recession hurt others worse than I. “People sell their toys

first” Jimbo tells me.

 While every winter holds potential, it’s the PreSeason that

truly inspires. Trips to coffee shops with topo maps in hand, planning out the

first, second, third … assaults of the winter.  Are these well intentioned pipe dreams? Only

time and our personal drive will determine how hollow ones hopes and dreams can

be.  Talks of that gym pass and your

summer fitness program have fizzled long ago. Motivation and drive are hard to

find when they are frozen, like snow, deep in the mountains. Here is hot and

sunny and green.

     The time is now for redemption. Waiting till midseason will

be too late and come October you have become so snow crazy you’re driving deep

into the wilderness, only to hiking lightly frosted glacial faces that are

truly blue. In the PreSeason, they provide the exhilaration of a black only to

weak kneed, soft thighed bitches.  Now is

not the time to be soft, to be weak, to bitch, or moan. Now is the PreSeason.  

     Soon the time will come, pipe dreams will become reality.

You will be faced with your past, looking into an uncertain future.  In your mind, on your couch, you ARE JP, you ARE

Tanner, and you OWN Seth. On the mountain you are NOTHING, your purchased symbols

of status, your flash bang new sticks, and you dope ass sled, nothing. The

mountain cares little of what you can afford or how good you look. You will you

look back on your dreams and see your reality. 

The white wall ahead is calling, summon all your inner strength and channel

your chi.  The PreSeason breads pussies,

start training NOW!


   You probably don’t want to be just like Bode Miller, as the

attached article may claim. But when it comes to strength and skiing a little

bit like Bode may help. Besides, This is the simplest program I have found.

Preseason Workout