Alarm set for 7 AM, a few things to be done before heading out to keystone. One of them are having a large breakfast and a lot of coffe, I simply hate beeing tired and slack in the slopes. When I first ski, I want it to be go-time!

In Breckenridge there’s allways many people skiing, and in the weekends it’s crazy. That’s why many of the Norwegian mafia head out to Keystone in weekends. In keystone there is basically a eldorado for hitting jumps, and then you need a lot of speed. This morning I tuned my ski-edges so that I can hit rails easily, and waxed them properly. New skis!! This is going to get good.

Also me and my girlfriend Ida is celebrating our 4 years of beeing together, so stoked on having her as my best friend and girlfriend. To bad I wouldn’t see her for another 3 weeks. Damn.

Goal of today is to get as many shots on camera with Marius Kjølseth, and make an edit. Have as much fun as possible, and ski confident!

See you, bus is leaving!