Today was the second day of practice, or the first one for me. They had done some major changes with the course, and I guess after what I heard it was a little better. The course contains of two rails and six jumps.... yes SIX jumps, it´s crazy and it kinda sucks, especially when not one single jump is good. The main problem, that people was working on figuring out was speed. The speed is really weird and the course has no flow at all. The second jump you have to straightline and you probably still land on the knuckle, You can actually stop after the third one and still get enough speed for the fourth and with wind changing every run it makes it really hard. Im just gonna say it, The course is really bad. ´´This is the worst course I have ever skied´´ Is a quote I have heard from a lot of skiers both yesterday and today. I guess that pretty much sums it up. we have practice for 1 hour tomorrow and 45 minutes before qualis on thursday, No idea how it´s gonna go. not feeling it at all.Good night