After I went out for dinner, a few things happend: I did not get to eat down-town, instead I drove up to the skiresort to see if somebody was skiing. I had a burger and a birthday-cake!! Ketil Jansen aka  “Dj Ketz” had birthday, and brought cake. How nice!!  Appearently, there was training and the ones who were on the norwegian pro-team got free lift-tickets, so I was able to hit the jump!

You might not get the whole picture of how the jump is, but it is pretty huge! From the kicker to the landing, it’s 21 metres, and the transition from bottom to kicker-top is 6-7 meter. You fly 6-7 metres above the 12 meter high snow-pile (jump), and you can easily jump 30 metres. Thomas Dølplads had a few double-cork 10s and cork 360’s that were the largest I have seen so far this season. BAM!

I was struggling with the speed a few times, and hitting it switch was more of a mission, than fun. 110 % consentration needed!   Some people asked why I was afraid of the jump, since I have been jumping this many years… Well, this jumps scares the shit out of me, with all it’s speed and amplitude. We will see how tomorrow goes. I’m probably just going to do a switch 7 mute.. haha.

Good night.