I’m on the road in between shoots with some downtime so I’m editing quite a bit for a few more days.  A storm rolled in and took out the power in the middle of my editing day but no problem!   My solution?  I’m on my laptop so it doesn’t use much power.   I take my power packs for my Alien Bees and run both the laptop and the cable modem and wireless router.  I’m going to be sitting in the dark soon doing all this but i can keep working so it’s pretty sweet.  The 11 amp hour NiMH battery in the power pack should be able to keep the laptop going all night, who knows with the router and cable modem but I’m pretty stoked I have these sitting around, just in case as an extra power supply I can use, as needed.

I’m out to Mt. Bachelor in a few days to continue with the Spring terrain park shoot season with shoot number five with Poor Boyz Productions.