As the 2010 Issue of Powderhound Mag hits the shelves, the magazine?s brand new online home is making its presence felt. aims to fill a gap in Australia?s online skiing community by providing an active insight into the freeskiing generation. The site will allow freeride skiers to upload their own video content, as well as access the latest news, athlete profiles, editorials, exclusive rider blogs, results, weather and imagery.

Thanks to the evolution of twin-tip skis, freeskiing has developed from a sub-culture into a respected skiing discipline. Taking its cues from skateboarding, snowboarding and even surfing, freeskiing combines technical, aerial manoeuvres with ?street? style park features including rails and half pipes. More recently the sport has progressed from the confines of ski resorts to the backcountry, with athletes performing the same tricks off rugged, natural terrain as they would off man-made jumps.

With an edgier look and a younger appeal, will position itself as a unique hub for Australia?s freeskiing scene.

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