What's up everybody, my name is Dan Armbruster and in early January I broke my knee cap buttering onto a rail. When Jason Levinthal of Line skis heard the bad news he graciously got me an invite to the Powder Awards in Aspen. Every year the Powder Awards are held to reward all the athletes and filmmakers who work so hard putting together the amazing ski videos that inspire us and make us want to ski. The Powder Awards are more than just an awesome award ceremony but more of a giant party with all the biggest and best names in the ski industry. Highlights of the night for me included meeting Eric Iberg, Josh Berman, and the Meathead Films guys who were super cool and one of them was even sporting the best mullet I have ever seen. It's been tough watching it dump here in Colorado but I recently went to the doc and he said I'll be back on the hill skiing having a ball with my friends within a month! Here are some pics from the Powder Awards and a few shots I got from last year, Hope you all enjoy what's left of the winter and get to ski neck deep everyday.    


Meathead Dudes, check the Mullet

Red Carpet Action

EP winning "Best Natural Air"

Me last year without a broken kneecap

one more good one

Turtlelou love LINE