What's better than a "STEEZN" Expedition, 120-foot zero spins, death step-downs, and Mark Abma eating 9 bowls of potato salad? Reading about it on NS, of course!

After half a week of dismal weather, Friday dawned to bluebird skies and bulletproof slopes at Bachelor. Riders took their time warming up, and attention slowly went to the massive 120-foot table, where the big question was: Who's going to guinea pig? "If your age ends in 'teen'... you're up," Rex Thomas suggested.

Eventually, Whistler loc Ryan McKeeman dropped in, and proceeded to set the standard with huge d-spin 7s over the table. Other riders joined in the slaying, and soon Mt. Hood's Tommy Ellingson and Seth Warner were hitting the beast switch. But Bend local Tim Durtschi snagged the limelight with a variety of corked 5s and 7s, eventually finishing with a zero spin that stopped everyone in their tracks.

Meanwhile, Candide was busy directing the construction of a ridiculous 55-foot gap to a downkink, which he eventually disastered with... yes, a cork 810 tail. Iannick B. stepped it up with a 450 as well.

Towards the end of the day, riders gravitated towards the huge step-down gap, where both Matt Philippi and Travis Perkins 720ed.

NS will have photos and video up shortly- until then, make sure to check out powdermag.com!