Here is our newest ski and snowboard video, Relax!! This was shot on location at Bear Mountain, California. The song featured in the video is Fredag by Dungen off the album 4



This was an awesome day of fresh powder riding at Bear Mountain. We spent most of the day filming in the backcountry canyons away from the crowds. The video features Jon Kiester, Matt Butterworth, George Brooks, Alex Appelbe, Rupert Baker, and Tim.

David Meador worked the camera for this video. It was filmed with the DVX100b Camera on the 24PA setting. You may notice a few shots with a different look. This subtle but unique look was created by increasing the shutter speed.

David Meador also edited the video. The footage was transferred into Final Cut Pro

where the video was then edited. The opening and closing titles were made using Apple’s Motion.

The color correction went back to the look of the GoPro HD Powder Snowboarding video. The main aspect of this look is the desaturated colors.