For those of us fortunate enough to live in the western portion of North America, we get to ski a little something called powder. Powder is an interesting thing that happens when temperatures below 32 degrees mix with precipitation; figured I would explain because anyone east of the Rockies has probably never experienced this. Some say that skiing powder is the single greatest thing you can do on Earth but is it really all that it's chalked up to be? Or is powder skiing just a gimmick?

While considering this complicated issue I had to ask myself; why would anyone wake up at 5am to go sit in traffic for 3 hours and wait in 20-minute lift lines just to ski one untracked run? After that It’s nothing but chop and long lift lines. It’s cold, its tiring, and frankly it’s overrated. The powder panic changes people as it takes hold turning the lift lines into a cesspool of humanity as people cut, push and fight just to get a one chair advantage over someone else. Why do people deal with that? Powder skiing has become so over cooked that it’s not even worth doing anymore. Allow me to present an alternative. Instead of dealing with the above bullshit, I’m waking up hungover at 10am and making my way to the hill. There is no traffic and its smooth sailing all the way to the resort. On top of that I’m feeling well rested and ready to ski since I got to sleep in.

"Powder skiing is fucking easy"

Credit - Ski Utah

No one is impressed that you ski powder, practically anyone can do it. Above is a 99-year-old skiing what you probably call “deep shit” and he’s probably skiing it better than you. When you're sitting in that I-70 or LCC traffic with all the other chumps, just remember, that you are not special. You are all heading to the same place, to do the exact same thing, with all those weekend warrior yuppies who got a day off work. It’s fucking embarrassing. No one cares about that sick pow slash on your Instagram-congratulations you know how to turn your skis. Let’s see you do a k-fed instead, that’s 10 times harder and 10 times more interesting to watch. Hell, even some homeless looking dude pressing his skis on a bench is more impressive than skiing 7 inches of snow.

"If it was easy, everyone would do it." Guess what? Everyone is doing it; skiing powder is a fucking joke.

*Article was made in collaboration with @Lonely