Ok on April 2nd I went up to Powder Mountain in Utah for are company party with Levelninesports.com. A bunch of our employees bailed so it was just me and a few others that went up. Being early April the snow was incredible. The best thing about Powder Mountain is that it is North of all of the other Utah ski resorts. So being up North there is not a lot of people that go up there to ski even though they have some of the best terrain of any resort in Utah. There was still a bunch of untracked powder and it hadn't snowed in days. There was never anybody in the lift line. You could lap this thing all day and never wait a minute for get on the lift. The snow was great the park was better then anybody could have imagined but it was still no Park City. We brought up next years Icelantic skis to ride. My choice was the Da'Nollie 180. This ski was sick. Kind of like the Line Anthem but more bad ass. Sick soft flex and hinge points. The wider underfoot made it float decently well. I'll not make this a review since we have a place for that. But be sure to check out next years Icelantic skis they will blow your mind with both graphics and the skis themselves. Sorry for the lame blog but I thought I'd update it. Word up to Symms and Rogge for keeping the blogging alive. Soon I will have some more interesting and exciting blogs in the near future. In the meanwhile just keep reading everyone else's. Oh and I'll include hyperlinks next blog too.