That special time of year has arrived. Just before the leaves begin to fall and all the ski movies you've been dying to see are premiered in your hometown...the first ski magazine of the year shows up. It's the first and one of the best ways to get you stoked for the upcoming winter, and no magazine fuels that fire better than Powder.

We here at Newschoolers have been reading Powder Magazine since we were kids, and just like in your house, their latest issue has been on our coffee tables and/or in our bathrooms ever since. This year is a historic one for our friends at Powder, as skiing's most iconic magazine will be celebrating its 40th anniversary, so you can rest assured that they've got some extra special things in the works.

To commemorate their 40th anniversary, Powder is offering a special discount on subscriptions right now, so you don't have to walk, drive or ski anywhere to get it...because any and all skiers can agree that there's nothing better than finding a ski magazine in your mailbox amidst all the bills.

powder ad from NIMBUS INDEPENDENT on Vimeo.

Subscribe to Powder now and you'll receive all 6 of this season's upcoming issues for just $10.97 (cheaper than a small pizza, and $24.97 less than if you were to buy it at a store), or better yet, score all 12 issues over the course of the next two winters for only $19.97 (which is the price of a large pizza, and will save you $51.91).

Click here to subscribe. Trust won't regret it.