Saturday, March 15th we woke up to blue skies and a ton of new snow.

Friday had seen Breckenridge get dumped on all day, but lucky for us it was a warm, sunny day.  I got everyone up and onto the bus, and soon we were on the lift.  After a couple of warm up runs, we decided to head over to 6 chair, then the top of Imperial.  From there we hiked, but it was pretty easy.  The views from the top were awesome.

In the morning our crew consisted of Jenn Hirsch, Jen Allen, Jacki Strenio (LJ's sister), and my friend Oscar.  Nevill was sleeping in, but he shows up later.

We traversed over from the top, and found some great powder, that was chest deep in spots.

Jen showing why she got 2nd in the Aspen Extremes.

After that bowl we moved down to find Nevill.  On our way down there was tons of great tree runs.

The Strenio family is the most excited about skiing family that I've ever met.  Always smiling.

Jenn on the new obSETHed.

Then Jenn busted out this beauty:

After that we stopped for some water.  Hiking for turns can really dehydrate you.  Then we noticed just how many gapers were there.  Good thing they didn't know where we were skiing.

The next run we decided to do a traverse through the trees from the peak 10 access gate.  It was a bit of a hike, but worth it.

After everyone rested I moved down a little and found something to jump off.

I told Nevill I hadn't seen an invert all day, and I needed to before we left.  So he did one.  It's good to be the boss.

By then we were all pretty exhausted, and it was the new St. Patricks Day, so we headed down.  There's still great snow, at least in Colorado, so go find it.