Hey all just want to let you know that i may be working at a radio station in michigan. If you live around detroit and know of it it is 89x. I am currently working for the Eaton Corporation for the Corporate Marketing and the Strategic Pricing groups. Heres how this all started. Last St. Pats day i went to a bar that 89x was at and i talked with the promotions director. James is his name but he said send him my resume and i could possible work for them. Well i did and didn't hear back from them for a while and thought: that sucks that would of been a cool job to have. Well last week i received a phone call and it was James. So next monday (5/14/07) i have an interview with the promotions department. So what i would be doing is going to concerts and handing out "swag" (tee shirts, hats, crap like that) and talking to people about 89X. The best this though is just going to concerts for free. I really cant wait. Plus the interview falls on my fience's birthday. That has to be good right? Wish me luck