So in September, while I was shooting a story in Chile I got an email out of the blue from one of the editors at Popular Photography Magazine.  They had decided to add a how to shoot skiing photos for their “You Can Do It Too” monthly column in the magazine.  I was super stoked since I hadn’t known anyone there and the request seemed to come out of nowhere!  Unfortunately where I was staying at the time in Chile, my internet was pretty limited, as was my access to the photos they wanted for the column so I wasn’t able to do the ski one.
As it turns out though, they were stoked on my concert photos and I got to write a ‘how to’ for concert photography for the same column in next month’s issue, the January issue.  They ran one of my favorite shots as a spread with another as a supporting to follow.  I don’t work a lot with many magazines outside of the snow action world so it was pretty sick to see the shots in print.