!!!!Poor Boyz Holiday Specials 2006!!!!Whether you were naughty or nice in 2006 Poor Boyz is here to take care of you with our biggest and most outrageous Holiday specials ever! The Christmas special is available for a limited time only through the New Year act quickly because this offer won’t last forever.Ski Porn Special!Ski Porn with a free Bulla Beanie Or T-Shirt $29.25W/Stickers, Poster and other great free stuff, with Priority Shipping at no Extra Cost!NEW BEANIES!Limited Edition Bula PBP Beanie: $14.99**New VIDEO!** Crunch TimePoorboyz & Studio 411 Presents Skiing’s most skull-crushing bone-snapping crashes of all time, with highlights of Tanners Infamous Chad’s gap complete coverage, hosted by the humors John Symms! $19.95Bronze Stocking Stuffer Pack!Ski Porn! And Crunch Time with your choice of the limited edition PBP Beanie Or T-Shirt! Plus Stickers, Poster, Priority Shipping: $44.95Silver Stocking Stuffer Pack!Ski Porn, Photo Play & Mind The Gap: with choice of beanie or t-shirt plus stickers, and poster and priority shipping: $59.95Gold Stocking Stuffer Pack!Ski Porn, Photo Play, & Crunch Time: with choice of beanie or t-shirt plus stickers, and poster and priority shipping: $64.95Diamond Stocking Stuffer Pack:First time ever offered and not found anywhere else, 11 of Poor Boyz finest movies for less than 100 bucks! Yes, that’s less than 10 bucks per movie with all the brand new releases included! Here’s what you get!Ski Porn! Photo Play, Crunch Time, WAR!, Mind The Gap, Session 1242, Ready, Fire, Aim, Happy Dayz, X=10, Safety Meeting, French Toast.VHS Spectacular Spectacle Blowout SALE!!! 2 DOLLARS!We might as well just give them away for you at this price! Being as we

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