Words and photos: Hendrik de ZwartMadness—that is the best way to describe the Intergalactic Pond Skim

that took place at Echo Mountain Park last Saturday. Set up as two

ponds seperated by a single shotgun-type rail, the present, albeit

small, crowd was stoked on the options that the rail gave to riders as

a means to get across the pond, and they would not be disappointed...The

pond skim got underway, despite strong, damn cold winds, in an

elimination format where each contestant got a turn to clear the pond,

either by skiing the pond or sliding the rail, and those who made it

across would try to make it again—this time from a shorter distance.

Early favorites in the contest were Lakota Sage, in his... her... its?

tight pink spandex and matching blue and pink Adidas starter coat for

snowboarders, and Landon Spear a.k.a. skier extraordinaire and Jibij

shop rider with some smooth 180 outs of the ponds, and siiiiick locked

on slides on the rail.

... oh shit.
Lakota Sage dashes valiantly towards victoryAfter many runs, a gnarly face plant into the

opposite wall by a skier, and a non-judged 180 INTO the pond to clear

the whole thing, it was down to Landon Spear and Lakota Sage. Lakota,

going first, opted for the skim from a ridiculously short distance,

judging the rail to be too sketchy from so close for a snowboarder—mistake that was, as he found himself waddling in the pond.... and it was

down to Landon to take the gold, needing only to grease the

rail, and that he did. While a judging controversy almost caused Landon and

Lakota to almost have to take another run, everyone soon realized that it was quite ridiculous to be bickering about who won a pond skim, because everyone wins.

Landon nets the Intergalactic Pond Skim title.
This is Charlotte. She will net the photo... and your heart.
Landon Spear uses his Armadas to shield himself from harmful snowboarder fashion rays.At the end

of the day, everyone was stoked on the pond skim, and even MORE stoked

to hit the hot tub on the patio of Echo's lodge... Definitely an event

to check out next year.