HOWDY. Remember me? I did a podcast with memecork earlier this year and now I'm BACK AT AGAIN with another one for you guys, this time with the one and only, Chris Benchetler.

Chris Benchetler is a professional skier, artist, director, climber, designer, father, and husband, from Mammoth California. Chris grew up ski racing until finding his path outside of times and scorecards through his love for freeride skiing and filmmaking. From there, Chris built up and out, embracing his passions in and outside of skiing while molding them together to create his own, authentic identity. In our discussion, we talked a lot about how Chris has found himself within an ever-changing outdoor industry and world, but also how he has navigated his newer role of being a father, and the superlative moments he has witnessed throughout his endeavors around the planet. Thanks for coming on Chris, and I'm stoked to share this one with you guys gettin' everyone stoked for ski season.