What’s up everybody. Here is a little update on what Pléhouse has been doing this winter.

Our winter started early this year with crazy amounts of snow in Utah and Cali and relatively good snow in Quebec also. We shot most of our urban stuff with Charles Gagnier and JF Houle in late November and December, so we were set to hit the States and get our sleds rolling.

We headed up Mammoth first thing in January to go shoot some Backcountry. And as usual it gets really warm so we left for Utah to go shoot with Bélan and the Dynastar crew. After a few weeks of good snow, Utah started to get cooked as well.

Next stop was Japan with Larose, Bélan and Josh Bibby. If you want to read more about this trip you can go to this link: (link to the japan story). Japan was marked with deep powder and fluffy snow. But you’ll see the footy for yourself

France was our next destination. We hooked up with JF Houle, Thomas Rinfret, Phil Bélanger and Marie Martinod at La Plagne. JF was coming back from a shoulder injury, but that didn't stop him from throwing 720’s in the Backountry. JF was on fire on that trip. From booters to park with a dash of urban stuff JF killed it. We also hooked up with Charles Gagnier for an evening shoot at La Clusaz Unfortunetaly the weather got also warm so we had a few boring days. But we took the time to visit the Dynastar plant. We shot most of it on video, so you’ll be able to see how they make skis. We’ll included this segment as a bonus on the DVD. Just before we left France Marie took a little trip to Russia for a few weeks, so watch for that footage in her segment.

And if all goes well we should have 3 girls in our movie this year. Kim Lamarre has been tearing it up at home and she went on a trip to Norway. Sarah Burke has been doing what she does best: being the best female skier out there. And Marie Martinod is just fearless.

JP Auclair took his segment into his own hands and shot most of the footage in Quebec at very precise periods of the winter. He also got some really amazing shots at the shoot we organized at the Massif near Quebec city.

The Massif is the highest lift access mountain in Quebec. We shot an 80 footer there for a few days with Josh Bibby, TJ Schiller, Iannick B, Charles and JP. We had more than 4 cameras and a helicopter to catch the action.

Back on the east coast in late March we took the time shoot some more urban stuff and most of the crew left to go to Tahoe where it was still snowing. In fact it was snowing like crazy. JF Houle and Bélan killed it in the Backcountry for a few weeks and they hit the local parks soon thereafter. Thomas, JF and Larose are still there right now finishing up there segments.

Finally Chris Turpin is working hard on his segment in BC and we should hook up with him at the Orage Masters in May.

Of course this is just a rough cut of what we have been doing but I’m forgetting stuff. And we still have more stuff to come.

Our teaser will be ready next week, and it should be off the hook. We have a new concept for this year so watch for it.

In the meanwhile we have put together some desktop images with pictures from this winter. A few will be available on NS and on the D-structure hype page. The rest of them will be available on our website at http://www.plehousefilms.com/visuals.html and on http://www.d-structure.com. Most of the athletes in the movie have one as well as some more general Pléhouse desktop images.

Well that’s it for now. A big thank you to all of you who support us and we should have more info for you in the coming weeks.

Desktops for Download:

Charles Gagnier 800x600 - 1024x768 - 1152x864 - 1280x1024

Josh Bibby 800x600 - 1024x768 - 1152x864 - 1280x1024

JF Houle 800x600 - 1024x768 - 1152x864 - 1280x1024

Plehouse 800x600 - 1024x768 - 1152x864 - 1280x1024

Also big shout outs to all our sponsors:

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Almost forgot! Watch for the new Pléhouse Radio link on the main page of NS in the coming week. The choice of music will be different to what you're used to on NS radio. And as of next season we will feature on the road interviews with all the Pléhouse pros.