Today was my first day i did urban and i went BIG !a friend of mine texted me so ask if a wanted to go shred some urban rails !I was pretty stoked about that so i said yes and packed my stuff F***ing fast and ate peanut butter sandwiches in hurry.Then we drived for almost 2 hours to go to the SICKEST urban spot in the hole country !!Olympic Stadium in Montreal !!!!We searched for free parking for about 45 minsthen a security guard from a private parking went to us and asked us a few questions and he gave us a hour and a half free of charge !!we were so stocked that we ran for 5 mins with skis and shovels on our shoulders !!we arrived a THE spot which actually is the pyramids that Tom Wallisch and B-Dog jibbed in the movie "Refresh".Then the big surprise comes in :the kicker and the 100 foot Run-in were aldready there and ready to jib !!The spot is pretty sick too it is a huge pyramid which half is made of concrete and the other half is glass. !!its on the roof of the Montreal Biodome and there is a pretty big overpass over it !!the run-in is a 50 foot, 45 degree angle, grassy, no snow or almost, slope.then there is another 50 foot of flat ground in asphalt and the pyramid is in the midde of it.This is the exact spot we jibbed !!! (picture under)So for conclusion,I am pretty stocked of my first time urban jib !!!