It’s been a long time coming, and we’re almost there. From the birth of the Young Gun concept, to choosing the resorts and dates, to getting sponsors on board and setting this monster in motion we’ve put ourselves to the test. It’s been one hell of a project.And now, finally… the first event at Copper is just 4 days away… and that can only mean one thing. Now’s your last chance to talk smack behind the safety curtain of the internet . We know each one of you and your possies thinks you’re destined to become the Young Gun and nobody else has game like you… but can you really back it up? We’re about to find out. This is your chance to speak your mind, back up your bros or claim the top prize for yourself. We’ll tally all the votes; whoever votes for the guy and/or gal that wins will be in the running for a free Siver hoodie. Winner will be announced after the event (obviously) Below is a list of the registered contestants, and entry into this contest is as simple as commenting in this article with your pick of who will walk away from Copper with the win.WOMENAkerley, OliviaYoung, ErinSmith, HannahPowers, KatieJohnson, JulieJohns, KristiGraham, SuzanneGmeiner, GinaMyers, StephanieMENAdams, Duncan Akerley, DylanAlbers, AlexAlbino, ColbyAnderson, BenBalkman, GeoffBerman, WillBerryhill, MatBroadbent, DanBroadbent, MikeBroughton, KyleBrown, Bobbybrown, hootBurleson, RobbyCarter, RogerChristensen, JossCole, ForrestCollins, RyanCraft, ScottCrichton, J.D.Dalton, NickDavenport, Calvindemetrian, nickdumas, andreCPR Freeride 1Feldmann, RyanFerguson, SamFleury, JonathanFostvedt, KarlGadomski, Mik Gage, TimGallina, AnthonyGjavenis, AlexGreen, KyleGullett, CodyHalverson, RyanHartman, JonHaupt, Bobby HauptHenry, KevinHiggins, StuartHughes, PatricJaeger, RyanJensen, Danieljohnson, andrewJohnson, Danieljohnson, erikKenworthy, GusKirkpatrick, ColinKnackendoffel, PatrickKoblitz, Andrewlasser, charlieCPR Freeride 2Linsley, SpencerLongacre, BillyLuczkow, Matthewlyons, nickMagee, PatMaher, AlexMcIver, Andrewmoulton, garrettmyers, christophernelson, justinNutting, LukeO'Flinn, MikePalmer, BenParry, HarleyPsihoyos, SamRoberts, Coreyroloff, kolbyRowen, Jamessadowsky, reubenSchaller, NickSchlopy, AlexSchneiderman, Jayseaton, taylorSeibert, TonySeiler, JonasCPR Freeride 3slattery, kevinSmith, LaneSmith, SherwoodSmith, SherwoodSpear, LandonSpickert, AndrewStewart, LeviSullan, JackTarolli, SamUnruh, DrakeVan Domelen, WilliamWalker, MattWard, Kolbyward, kyleWaters, JasonWest, AndyWestcott, TaeWickes, AndrewWilder, NevillWilliams, McRaeWinn, ScottWood, WalterCPR Freeride 4CPR Freeride 5Note to YGO Competitors: Helmets are Mandatory . Don’t have one, go buy one. Registration opens at 7:30 am at Jacks (above the main ticket window) Practice starts as soon as the lifts turn and ends at 10. check in early and get out on the course. Jerzy’s will be provided and are yours to keep… must be worn over your jacket… (you no wear, you no compete young grass hopper.)