As I sit here in my gollf shop and look for things to past the time, I figure I might as well pass on some information that many newschoolers are always asking about on this site: what job can I get that will allow me to ski. Well, first of all if you have done your research, USUALLY the best job that lets you ski is NOT in the ski industry, unless of course you are simply a professional skier. Always look for jobs that are in the off season and the one career I have found successful that I will stick with for at least the next 10 years is a golf professional. NO, I am not talkin about the PGA TOUR, I am simply talking about someone who plays,teaches, and manages the golf operations at a course, driving, or even a sporting goods store. It can be a very interesting and rewarding career and the best part is that in places like Colorado, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Utah, California, etc usually have 6month seasons. You work in these areas for only 6 months and you are basically set free to do whatever you please in the other 6months out of the year. Some of the golf professional I work with stick around the area, some go down to Florida or other warm areas for work, and very few ( like me ) will pick a ski area to work and live at for the winter season. The best part about this is not only can I work to ski a 100 days out of the season, I can also pick a new ski area every year. Now, the job starts out as shitty pay, but it gets very good about 5 years into it. Right now, I work nights in the winter season and make a lot of money in tips serving and bellhoping. Its pretty sweet. So basically I have a sweet deal and I am trying to pass it on to anyone interested that is a golfer and a skier. Both sports REALLY compliment each other. You dont have to have a college degree, simply have to have graduated high school to get into the Professional Golf Program. However, you do have to be a pretty decent golfer. If anyone has anymore questions regarding this let me know and I'll try to help you out as best I can. I was in Breckenridge, Colorado last season and now I am looking at Squaw Valley, California.