One of the worst thing that could happen to you on an important photo shoot, is to realize you have forgotten a key piece of equipment. 

This situation is every photographers fear, imagine forgetting gear after you just drove for a couple hours and are on top of a mountain! There are a couple of things you can do if/when you find yourself in this situation.  The first thing would be to get creative, deal with the equipment you have and hope for the best.  Ooorr.. you could have been proactive first and checked all your gear before leaving your house/office. Even if you do double-check, there is still a chance that you could forget a sync cord or something like that which could ruin your day.  If you don't have great images at the end of the day you can always blame the sync cord, but hopefully you are not shooting for an important client !  APS is here for you!  We have built up a photography equipment check list that includes most of the vital pieces of equipment.  The list may seem long at first but it's better to read through all the possibilities and make your choice rather than forgetting something important.  We advise that you use it every time, and we can guarantee it will save your a _ _ one day!  The downloadable version is included below and it is ready for print, if you don't have gear listed on it, go ahead and remove it from the list before printing a stack of copies.