I get a call at 6am. I hustle out of bed thinking its my alarm clock which was set for 5 am. Its Dan. “Jon where you at? i’m at the mouth of big !” I am in bed. After some deliberation we decide to meet at white pine a bit later and take the day from there. The skinning was on glare ice for about 3 miles or up to redpine lake, then it was windblown suncrusts. We decided we might as well just go head up to the pfifferhorn. Dan and I had been up there once before in the winter and skied the ramp down and cut back into maybird gulch. We were confident we could do at least that even with very poor snow conditions. We got to the top dressed in light touring gear because we expected a very hot calm day. Well turns out there is a sustained 30 mph wind. Time on the peak was short but sweet, we decided to leave, we were about to ski down the ice ramp when it occured to us that we could ski somewhere else. The NW couloir was in seriously hanus condition. I have been scouting a ramp that avoids the rappel. Not today. We decided to flip skis and if it landed base up we would ski down into hogum, graphic up we ski into maybird. Base up it landed.

The ski off of the top of the Pfifferhorn was terrible. but acceptable because hopes were low. After tomahawking on the traverse to the peak west of the pfieff I was ready to roll out. We stopped at the steep seemingly windblown north face and after Dans pole blew away we dropped in. Shockingly the wind crust was not a crust at all, but a beautiful deep chalk up top. I navigated a line down a ridge cruised out into the opoen and I realized that the snow was just fantastic. I continuted to milk the smallest turns possible each turn taking in a view of the pfieff and hogum fork, and steep beautiful powder dropping straight away under me. Every turn I pushed the smallest sluff down the slope about 5 feet adding to the excitement. Dan skied when I finished and made some amazing turns lookers left of mine milking as many of his own turns out as if he knows its almost summer.

(poor) skiing from the summit of the pfifferhorn
My 'gash' down the slope. 116 consecutive uninterupted fall line turns. A few under it and around another 100 above them snaking down the ridge. Well over 200 for the pitch!
Dan really enjoying his day at this point

We got to the basin, and were both shocked by the quality of skiing, when we thought the day was mostly about the exersize. We at lunch and I proposed we ski the plinko apron (sitting under nohows recent descent of the northwest cliff of the pfiffe. Dan was game so we went back up for more powder. This apron we skinned most of the way and set a boot pack up about 300 vertical extra. The apron was big, steep, and untouched. Dan had the privilage of taking first tracks. I went second and tried to milk as many turns as possible, but midway thought my legs almost exploded and if they did i would have crossed dans tracks and would owe him a 6 pack. so i aborted and put a few big turns in at the end. Exiting the basin the mountains get bigger. We had the entire spot to ourselves. Fantastic skiing up here, good thing we had 3500 ish feet of skiing to go down through creamy trees, hot powder, corn, hot corn, and other less fun types of snow.

Run two a pfiffe apron
dan with some natural sluff raining down behind him
Our two upper runs for the day. What a waste of a day to only ski TWO RUNS!

All in all this day is going to rank as a good one.