Source: Pep Fujas

After 17 years of working together, Pep Fujas and K2 Skis have gone their separate ways. In a heartfelt message on Instagram, Pep addressed the departure; "Thank You K2. For everything you have done for me and skiing. Your innovative mindset and dedication to the sport has allowed for boundaries to be broken. It has been seriously FUN! Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some stories and highlights from my relationship with @k2skis."

The partnership started way back in 2002 after Pep just moved to Mammoth "in pursuit of big, perfectly sculpted park jumps, big mountain lines and deep powder." At the time, K2 had amassed quite the team: Seth Morrison, Rory Silva, Johnny Mosely, Mike Hattrup, and others.

"For $8K, unlimited skis, travel budget, and contest incentives, I signed up. I couldn’t believe my luck, my foot was in the door and skis started showing up. After de-laminating a number of the old red and black Enemies, the team pushed for something new, something indestructible, and K2 jumped at the opportunity. The result: The Public Enemy. Outfitted with a controversial top sheet, rivets in the tip and tail, full ABS sidewalls and reinforced thick edges, this ski made waves." For more from Pep as he looks back at his time with K2, check out his blog here.

2004, putting them to the test in Chamonix, France. Photo: Chris O'Connell

Cheers to the next adventure Pep. In potentially related news, this spring Pep was spotted on a pair of prototypes from WNDR, Matt Sterbenz new foray in the ski world. Stay tuned...