Oi peoples that are reading this (i pity you).

Well, i think im gonna take a break from newschoolers a bit, 2 weeks or so, so that i can focus on some other things.

Im pretty active on this site, and there are a few problems with that. No, i don't lack a social life or other hobbies, but there are some things i can't stand.

Firstly, i care too much about all y'all, with little or no return for me. I take insults to heart way too easily, and because of that i consider myself drama queen number one. I have managed to contribute negatively to the three main "über cults" on here, being the PPP, the DL and my own cult, the BW.

I find myself being the instigator to most of the fights and /or drama that the cults were made to escape. In the PPP with my entrance pissing some off, in the DL by being the pissy little brat who almost caused the first ever fight in there, and in the BW for caring too much about what peopel think of me.

I need a break from coming on the site and stressing about messing up or pissing people off. It's the internet, why do i care?

And since im also tired of taking shit with little to no counterbalance, i feel like i don't need the aggravation in my day.

Secondly, i want to focus on some other things. Do more homework and do some other things. I really want to spend more time skateboarding this year, and film a movie promoting my mission field here in Sweden, and i want to be able to think freely about these things rather than have myself thinking about newschoolers (hey, i should film this and post it on NS! oh, i hope no one responds to that debate again, because im sick and tired of it....).

Basically, a bit of peace of mind would be pretty cool.

Thirdly, taking a bit of a break will help me break the addiction, or at least keep it controlable. im gonna need the self discipline when it comes to my final exams.

So there we have it. Less stress for me, less drama for all of you.

peace dudes.