The last two years I’ve had the rare opportunity to literally stand on the rumble strips of the full configuration of Miller Motorsports Park.  However, it’s at a bit lower speed from the normal 100+mph race car and superbike action usually seen here.  The Tour of Utah has come to Miller Motorsports Park the last four years for the time trial event and the last two years I’ve gone out and assisted (strobe pack bitch) for my friend Re Wikstrom who was shooting photos for  I’ve spent a lot of time out at Miller Motorsports Park shooting photos of race cars and superbikes so coming into this I knew the venue, what turns looked good at what time of day, etc.  It’s one of the few times I’ve stepped into shooting a fairly unpracticed subject where I wasn’t worried about coming home with good photos.  This shot was taken on Devil, the triple apex turn 7 of the full track configuration.  I’m looking forward to this year’s team time trials event!