It all started 3 weeks ago with a phone call from Guerlain Chicherit …

G:“Hi man, what are you planning for next week?”

Me:“Nothing sure, but I will probably be in Tignes, I have to fix things in my flat before the winter season”

G:“Ok, you’re right, fix you apartment” and he hang up…

I’ve known Guerlain for a while now, apart from being a good friend and a skier I often take photos with, he’s a top athlete (4x Freeride Ski World Champion, 2009 World Champion of Car Rallye Raid), and the General Manager of the ski Company CoreUPT …

So I knew he was on a joke and immediately called him back:

Me:“Ok, so where do we go??”

G:“Patagonia! I just received an email from a heliski company in Chili (Andes Heliboarding ), they invite us onboard this boat for a week of heliski photoshoot on top of volcanoes, are you available? We’re leaving next week! »

Hell yeah I’m available !

A few phone calls and emails later, with the trip reportage pre-booked on several big magazines (print and online), we left with Guerlain and Antoine Frioux (the man behind Mad in France, the latest video from SVP Production , and who also does the videos for CoreUPT ) to what sounded the dream assignment.

Indeed it was … but it didn’t turn out exactly as we first thought it would. Mother Nature just showed us what amazing Patagonia looks like with bad weather.

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