Parker White hit us up last night to break the news that he's parted company with long term sponsor Tomahawk. And if that was unexpected, what is even more so is he has just become the first ever skier to sign with 686 clothing.

Parker was recommended to 686 as the perfect first skier by childhood friend Forrest Bailey. He then travelled to their offices in Gardena, California to meet the crew and seal the deal. “Right off the bat.. it just felt like such a good fit with all those dudes” said Parker. For 686’s part, they know better than to just throw money at skiing and hope to win people over, instead they are “trying to grow organically through the seed that is Parker”.

It’ll be interesting to see how this works out, plenty of other Snowboard brands have flirted with signing skiers and failed to make an impact. But Parker is perhaps the most naturally gifted skier I’ve ever skied with, and that isn’t a bad place to start.