WHAT’S NEW: New Terrain Park, “Ante Up”, Takes Recycling to a Whole New Level

Hey there, Heavenly skiers and riders,

Mike Thomas, Heavenly Terrain Park Manager, here just giving you guys a little update on things happening up here this season. The TPC and I have been working REALLY hard this season to keep you guys stoked for the upcoming winter. We have built roughly 9 new/recycled features– including some signature features– so far, for your jibbing enjoyment, and should have time to build a few more before we open.

The word is that everyone is really happy with all the new changes in the park & with the new features…We are very happy to hear that the masses are stoked. We are all geared up and ready to build our 1st park of this season…just waiting for Mother Nature and our great snowmaking department to get us going. In fact, I heard through the grapevine that they already put in more than 36 total hours up here!

I’m proud to announce Heavenly will offer a full-time NV park this season… Yes, you heard it, a 4th park, called Ante Up! We are committed to our Recycled Feature Program and are taking it to the next level… this park will be a 100% recycled terrain park, meaning ALL rail/box features will be from our recycled line. This is the 1st park of its kind in the Basin and, possibly, in the nation. We have also made some big improvements in Groove Park and have expanded it to about a 3rd bigger than what it was last year… Say hello to super Groove! If you rode High Roller Park last year, especially at the end of the season, it gave you a good taste of things to come for this season and we don’t plan to disappoint anyone. Players Park (formally Powderbowl Park) will be the spot for all the players this year, for sure.

As you can see, some of the names of the parks have changed and we have some big plans for them this season, as well as for the future of the “High Roller Parks of Heavenly”! This is just the start!!!

And, of course, I’m sure you’ve heard… if you buy your $379 Heavenly Season Pass, you’ll get access to Northstar and Sierra’s parks and pipes this season, too!

Keep shredding,

Heavenly TPC.