The original and best terrain park on Mt. Hood (and arguably in the

Northwest) will return to Mt. Hood Meadows this season. Park Place -

off of the resort's Hood River Express high speed chairlift will be

constructed as soon as snow allows this season.

Crews were literally "stumped" last season as four foot stumps

protruded through the snowpack on the lower mountain, preventing

construction of the park. This summer crews ground down the stumps on

Park Place, which will allow features to be built if in lower than

normal snow pack.

The resort will also have Forest Park (on Tamarack), as well as the front side parks serviced by Easy Rider;

Shipyard Rail Park, the SuperPipe, Rose City SlopeStyle, The Zoo and the Banked Slalom. Spring plans include Cascade Park.

New Paradise Parks stickers are in - featuring a royal blue color.