The Stevens Pass Terrain Park Safety Education Program helps provide a safer and more enjoyable environment for all guests using the Top Phlight Terrain Park. As the first resort in the Northwest to offer a terrain park safety-based program Stevens Pass has proven that education is a vital part of creating a safe terrain park .Getting a park pass is easy! Just follow these steps:Step 1 - THE YURTHead up the Brooks Chairlift to the FUEL TV Yurt at the entrance to the Top Phlight Terrain Park. High-5 one of the Park Staff as you enter!Step 2 - GET EDUCATEDWatch a 15-minute video on how to safely use the Top Phlight Terrain Park. Also learn about the Smart Style basics and proper park etiquette. Step 3 - SIGN THE RELEASE FORMThe 3rd step is signing the Release of Liability waiver in order to obtain your pass. **If you are one of our younger park riders, under the age of 18, your parent/guardian will also have to sign. You can print out the form at home, get their signature and bring it up to the FUEL TV Yurt when you would like to get your pass. You will still need to watch the video and get educated!**Get the Release Form here! Step 4 - GET THE VOUCHERCongrats! You are now educated on how to properly and safely use the Top Phlight Terrain Park at Stevens Pass! The park staff will issue you a voucher which is good for that day only! You must redeem the voucher that day in Guest Relations to obtain a park pass for the season. Step 5 - GET YOUR PARK PASSSo you've done a few laps in the park and you realize that you'll probably be spending a lot of time getting your jib on this season. Take your voucher to Guest Relations that day, pay a one-time $5 fee and smile for your pass picture! Now take your new pass, show it off to your friends and hang on to it for entry into the Top Phlight Terrain Park all season long!Step 6 - GET RAD!Now you're ready to improve your skills! The Top Phlight Terrain Park is full of different rails, boxes, jibs, jumps, hips, tables and of course a 450' long half pipe. The park changes frequently so if you are unsure about anything, ask the friendly park staff! And always remember to Easy Style It.... ps. This year you can use your park pass at Mission Ridge and Vice Versa!